Frequently asked questions

Does Onelog work with iPhone/iPad and Laptops?

Yes, the Onelog Mobile module provides app based support for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS devices.

What web-based resources can Onelog connect to?

So far, we have not encountered any web resources that Onelog cannot connect to and monitor. As a result, we believe that Onelog can manage anything that runs in a web browser.

Is there a limit to the number of resources our firm can add to Onelog?

No, Onelog allows unlimited resources to be managed by the system. There are no licensing restrictions or added costs as the number of managed resources increases.

Does Onelog support tabbed browsing?

Yes, Onelog supports tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What browsers does Onelog support?

Onelog supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Is Onelog a proxy server solution?

No, Onelog is not a proxy server solution. It uses the internet connection available on the user’s computer to connect to web-based resources.

Does Onelog work with Citrix?

Yes, Onelog is compatible with Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop and Windows Terminal Server.

What web server does Onelog use?

Onelog uses Microsoft IIS running on Windows Server.

What database management system (DBMS) does Onelog use?

Onelog uses Microsoft SQL Server.

Can the Onelog modules be purchased separately?

Yes, Onelog base is a requirement, you can add any additional modules your organisation needs.

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