Why Onelog?

The all-in-one solution for electronic resource management

We are the market leader

Onelog is the market leading technology to manage, connect, report and recover costs associated with content usage. Based on the familiar .Net environment Onelog provides tools to make business decisions based upon fact. Onelog provides a web based interface and supports multiple web browsers. Our customisable reports are unique and set us apart from others.

Attention to detail

Sometimes the small touches are what makes the difference and we listen closely to our customer base, whether it’s reducing the number of clicks necessary to perform a task or simplifying the rollout procedure, we’re always striving to improve.

A better architecture

The ever changing nature of websites means that Onelog must constantly adapt to integrate with different websites, these changes are automatically reflected in your own Onelog system, ensuring it is always up to date. You can request integration with new websites online and the resulting changes will be automatically delivered.


As well as having the easiest administration in the industry, we also offer automated updates to resources. If a change takes place or if you add a new resource, our central server will effortlessly update your Onelog with this automated process.

Ease of use

Onelog is very easy to administer. It was designed to be managed by non-technical administrators, freeing up IT staff for other projects. Onelog is simple to use, elegant and the most cost effective solution in the industry.

No hidden costs

Onelog includes unlimited access to unlimited users for unlimited resources; whether you have 50 or 5000 you will not pay a penny more. There are no hidden costs like other solutions. There are no tiered pricing structures for additional resources or additional charges based upon usage or unique users.


Our modular system pricing allows you to create the solution that’s right for you at a price point that fits within your budget, all modules can be purchased separately with the Onelog Base module. Our Subscription Advantage Plus Programme (rent-to-own) offers flexibility with virtually no upfront investment. We can even prove a one year Return on Investment.

Highly commended technical support and training teams

iTS Technical Support is based in both the USA and Europe. We are uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled support to our customers and extended hours of support. We also provide on-site training as part of your Onelog purchase, we believe face-to-face training and meeting our customers is the best way for us and you to learn the full potential of Onelog.

Onelog development team

We at iTS employ a large internal development team working exclusively on Onelog, we also employ in-house quality assurance and testing teams to ensure Onelog remains the market leader and the best breed of software.

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