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Monitoring usage data for your online resources. Why it matters.

Electronic Resource Management Solutions continue to grow in popularity, but why is monitoring you online resources so important? And how can it lead to smarter, more cost-effective business?

Online resources, they're essential, but they can also be a handful, especially if you are unsure of how best to implement them, or are unaware of how they are being used within your company. Electronic Resource Management Solutions use their own tracking metrics to gather unique and customisable reports on all the online resources you are currently using within your company, but why are usage statistics useful to have? And how can they help? Let's find out. Read more

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InfoNgen and Onelog Mobile work together to simplify access to Subscription Content

Our integration with EPAM’s InfoNgen platform means that you and your end users will no longer need to remember usernames and passwords to access your premium news content with mobile devices. Simply click on a link from InfoNgen and Onelog Mobile will handle the rest. 


  • End users can access premium content on their mobile devices without the need to remember login credentials
  • More efficiently provide access to research information to end users, regardless of location or device
  • Usage activity is recorded and available in Onelog reports
  • Implementation is quick and simple

Available now for all Onelog Mobile users.

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Why are more and more companies choosing to use Password Management Tools?

In our lives, we can end up creating hundreds of passwords, some of which we rarely use more than once or twice. It’s why when we created our own Online Resource Management Solution, we developed a Password Management module to go along with it.

Managing secure passwords for different services can come to be impractical or near impossible in the long run. Add to that the increased risk of hacking and data leaks that have been plaguing the corporate and legal sectors in the last decade, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more companies looking for the assistance of a Password Management tool.

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Visit Onelog at the AALL Conference 2022

We are excited to announce that Onelog will be exhibiting at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) 2022 Conference.

Join us on booth 810 from July 16th - 19th, Colorado Convention Center, Denver. USA.

To register, click here.

Visit Onelog at BIALL Conference 2022

We are excited to announce that Onelog will be exhibiting at the British * Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) 2022 Conference.

Join us on stand 14 from July 6th - 8th, Wyboston Lakes Resort, Woodlands Event Centre, Bedford, UK.

Onelog and Vable Integration

If you have Onelog Mobile and are using Vable for your current awareness delivery, users will no longer have to remember usernames and passwords when they access premium news content on their mobile phone or tablet. In addition, content usage will be recorded in Onelog and will appear alongside data recorded from Onelog on the desktop.

More about the Onelog Mobile module

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