Password Management

Control and automate passwords used to access online resources

Centrally manage user’s online passwords

The Password Management module extends the capabilities of Onelog so it can manage login credentials for online resources. Onelog supports a multitude of password scenarios, matching the distinct authentication methods you can experience with different web resources. This complexity is hidden from users for ease of use, e.g. if you have a firm-wide password they need never know what it is.


  • Tell Onelog how a resource is accessed and it will manage the logon credentials
  • Automatically assign the correct password as a resource is used
  • Passwords are automatically filled in for the user making access simpler and faster
  • Comprehensive and customisable password reports – view, update and generate
  • Support for organisational, individual, pooled and linked passwords
  • User can have multiple passwords for a single web resource
  • User can share passwords for a specific resource with another user
  • Password Compliance Report - check if the organisations users are complying with the publishers licencing agreements

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