Onelog Base

Independently discover how your online resources are used

Monitor any web based resource & renegotiate with suppliers with real data

The core of any Onelog system is the ability to track the usage of web resources. The core system, with interactive reports, introduces the tools to enable you to track the frequency and usage duration of any web resource and allows you to categorise data by user, group or location.


  • Limitless access and monitoring of web resources
  • Vendor independent usage statistics reports which are both comprehensive and customisable
  • Negotiate terms with publishers based on real usage patterns and save money
  • Track Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox usage
  • Track location so that you can determine if use varies across your organisation
  • Works with any web resource and is simple to set-up and administer
  • Allows you to make decisions based on real usage data
  • Record searches performed and costs incurred
  • Really see what your users are doing and how the costs are generated
  • Centrally managed and controlled
  • Present your resource portfolio to users automatically
  • Create categories for user-friendly navigation
  • Showcase new resources or highlight underused resources
  • Inform users of material they may not be aware of
  • Search by title, description and meta tag
  • Create a Practice Group Page, allowing you to control content and create a hierarchical menu by easily grouping similar resources together for easier access
  • New analysis reports allow you to see usage for particular sections of a resource
  • Works across multiple time zones and reports can be pulled regardless of geographic location.

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