Onelog 10 is here

We are delighted to announce the release of Onelog 10. This release introduces significant enhancements and improvements to workflow, performance, security, reporting and automation.

One of the most obvious changes in Onelog 10 is the redesigned interface with a calmer blue colour scheme. The most radical changes are to the admin interface. Our focus has been on reducing the management overhead of administering Onelog, while keeping the most popular features in place. New, better but familiar. 

Onelog 10 introduces you to the new Contract Management utility. Contract Management has gained a number of improvements, including contract history and cost per head reports. Using the automatic renewal ability, a contract history can be built up over time for easy reference. Contract reporting provides an easy link between a specific contract and the amount of usage it gets. The new Contract Management is available to all free of charge. 

We have increased security in Onelog 10 by implementing a stronger encryption method throughout the product. We have a new Client Matter validation option, now you can show the validator on demand. Category management has been reworked to be faster. New admin features including resource troubleshooting and client version tracking have been added. With Onelog 10, Chrome is now supported on Citrix servers. 

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