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I proved that by using Onelog to monitor who was actually using the online databases we subscribe to, I saved money. Instead of buying some online databases firm wide for every Attorney in every office, I was able to change that to buying individual subscriptions for the few Attorneys who were actually using certain databases. By applying this process to several databases, I was rewarded with significant savings, tens of thousands of dollars in this year alone. Onelog is a great resource and will pay for itself easily.

Library Manager, Large Firm, Chicago.

Duane Morris LLP has been using Onelog to manage online subscriptions for close to a decade.  When evaluating a subscription for renewal, cancellation or promotion, the easy-to-use reports are invaluable.  They help us to quickly understand how often a product is being used.  And with each enhancement, Onelog just keeps getting better.

Christine A Scherzinger, Director of Library & Research Services, Duane Morris LLP

Our experience with Onelog has been very positive. The set-up, configuration, and use are straightforward, and the training and support are superlative. The password management tool is appreciated by both users and administrators alike. Resource control allows us to guide users in their choice of sites. The reports are invaluable to understanding usage patterns and enable us to make evidence-based decisions in alignment with our strategic goals. Overall, Onelog is an indispensible library management tool.

Susan Crysler, Manager, Library Services, Cassels Brock Lawyers.

The data provided by Onelog reports has allowed us to cancel underutilized and duplicative resources for a considerable savings.

Timothy Gatti, Manager of Technical Services, Bryan Cave LLP

Onelog has become one of the “must have” tools in our toolkit.  Password management, while initially a tough sell to attorneys and support staff has been embraced as an invaluable way to keep track of multiple passwords for multiple resources.  Much the work is performed behind the scenes by the library staff, so it is seamless the users.  The resource tracking and control allows us to provide immediate backup on non-billable charges, and easily recommend renewal or cancellation based on usage reports.  I wish all of our software implementations were as successful.

Paul VanderMeer, Director of Library and Knowledge Management, Bilzin Sumberg

Onelog allows us to make decisions on licensing and renewal with actual usage data rather than relying on anecdotal information from the attorneys.  We have also found it helpful to identify underutilized resources where additional training is needed.

Mary Kay Jung, Director of Library Services, Thompson Coburn LLP

Squire Sanders upgraded to Onelog from another product and experienced a ROI in less than 1 year after implementation. The Onelog Administration is well designed &  simple to use and the Password Management tool has been a great help as well. We are very satisfied Onelog customers.

Scott Bailey, Squire Sanders

A testament of a good product is one that delivers on its promises and is backed up by strong customer support.  OneLog does this.  As promised , it was easy to install and implement and is highly customizable. The customization in particular has helped us manage a problem we had with obtaining client matter numbers when the library credit card was used on paid Internet sites. The recently released mobile component has made the product more complete.  Customer service support is top notch. Overall it is way and above the previous password management system we used.

Monica Wilson, Nelson Mullins

Implementing Onelog has enabled us to review the usage of our electronic subscriptions in ways that we have never been able to before. We no longer have to rely on usage statistics from our vendors which provides great leverage in contract negotiation. Onelog is very easy to administer and the technical support is exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable

Tamara Acevedo, Moore & Van Allen

We were able to justify eliminating a number of high priced titles within 4-6 months of implementing Onelog and it gives us leverage we had not had previously in our contract negotiations with vendors. The password management tool is also a huge administrative help.

Venable LLP

Onelog has provided our attorneys with seamless access to electronic resources while providing the Research and Information Center with useful tools for evaluating electronic resource usage. Onelog gives us the ability to communicate with our attorneys and direct them to appropriate resources. Following the initial integration, Onelog works consistently in our environment with moderate need for IT support

Rosalie Piscitelli, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Field Law saw a return on our Onelog investment within 4 months of implementation. We are able to make better decisions about which resources to provide and we are also able to identify training opportunities based on Onelog reports. We are very satisfied Onelog customers

Shaunna Mireau, Director of Knowledge Management and Libraries, Field Law LLP

Onelog has been one of our best discoveries. Not only has it greatly facilitated the access and administration of our many online services, but it has provided us with the right information to make smart management decisions about how we spend our digital dollars. Seamless integration, releases that have value and a top notch support team are all reasons we highly recommend Onelog

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

In the 3 years Onelog has been in place, we have been able to right-size our electronic web content and free up funds to add new resources. The Library and practice group chairs use Onelog statistics as a metrics tool to evaluate practice group usage of expensive resources to prove Return on Investment. What we saved in subscription fees that first year, paid for Onelog.

Monice Kaczorowski, Director of Library Services, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg

I just submitted an informal report on the cancellations we were able to make as a result of using Onelog. In the first three months following implementation, the total cost savings have already exceeded the initial price of the software. Some electronic resources were clearly not getting enough traffic to justify their costs. Others were getting so much traffic, that we were able to convince users that they no longer needed some related print materials to which they had been clinging.

Mitchell D. Klaich, Director of Library & Information Resources, Jenner & Block LLP

Onelog reports have helped me reduce or eliminate underutilized resources, resulting in substantial savings in the first year of implementation. ITS are a pleasure to work with and we really value having technical support people who work well with our Librarians and our IT department.

Susan E. Mills, Director of Library Services, Firm Wide, Pillsbury Winthrop

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